January 16, 2010

must have!

I hate wearing lipstick, and lipgloss isn't nice for a person who has long hair and likes to ride bicycles. I prefer lip balm, it looks more healthy and natural. Very recently, I ordered two lip tints from Flourish bath and body. And they are amazing! In the midst of procrastinating, I took this poor self-portrait wearing the redwood lip tint. It only costs $6!

From the description in the little shop owned by Brooke Marton:

"Will they last all day, through eating, drinking, kissing and clarinet practice? Nope. (They also won't do your taxes or make you look 10 lbs thinner.) But I think you will prefer reapplying this smooth and light gloss vs. having sticky petroleum-based goop on your lips all day (did I mention these are made from natural ingredients?)"

That pretty much says it all!


  1. Åh dødsmuk :) Og hvor er det bare en fin beskrivelse og vist en tilføjelse til must have-listen.

  2. *rødmer*

    Helt klart! Det er et produkt der bare burde være i hver eneste taske du bruger! Helt klart noget jeg kan anbefale.

  3. You are too adorable. I live for lipstick and I love that color.

  4. I'm just getting into tinted lip balms. I got MAC's tinted lip conditioner in Fuchsia Fix for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I love how it gives my lips a naturally flushed look for everyday wear and keeps them hydrated in this weather too.

    And that Etsy shop looks absolutely lovely.

  5. Godt tip!! Jeg er selv helt pjattet med røde læber men synes måske det er lige i overkanten af gå med læbestift hver dag. Den ryger på ønskelisten!

    Og hvor ser du mega-fin ud,

  6. @ Marie: Mange tak.

    @ Alix: Aww, thanks! Red is such a timeless colour, I love it!

    @ Sam: Exactly! I prefer lip balm over lipstick and lipgloss, anytime! And I love the tinted ones. Good for any occasion.

    @ Samantha: Tak skal du have. Det er ihvertfald noget jeg kan anbefale til en-røde-læber-glad-pige, si. ;)