November 03, 2011

Wit & Fancy

I have started writing for a independent digital magazine, Wit & Fancy. It is directed at young females, and covers different topics such as new media, feminism, fashion, beauty, health, gadgets & tech, travel etc. Below you will find two entries written by me for the beauty and fashion section.

Well-being on a november morning
November’s cold and dark mornings does not exactly colour your mood in shades of summer. It is in November that we experience the downsides of setting back the time. It can be so hard to adjust to setting our clocks back one hour, especially in the morning. An hour can do so much to your mood. To be stressed, depressed, demotivated or colourless does nothing for your beauty and well being. Beauty is not only about various products, which aim to reduce impurities, minimise signs of aging or to provide moisture or something else. Beauty is more abstract.... Read more here.

Style on Film: Breakfast at Tiffany's
October is marking the 50th anniversary of the iconic, classic and urbane romantic comedy Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961). Audrey Hepburn’s name has ever since been synonymous with her iconic portrayal of Holly Golightly, the New York socialite who is always sophisticatedly dressed and quirky in the company of others. When alone, however, she swiftly changes mood. In the confines of her apartment, we meet a young woman suffering from neurotic tendencies where the art of dressing sophisticatedly is what drags her out of bed to tend to her duties. In a scene with the leading male character, Paul Varjak, as portrayed by George Peppard, she is frantically talking and looking for her stuff. When her shoes are found she utters in stress, “dress, dress” as she retrieves a little black dress from her closet.... Read more here.

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