May 04, 2010


I love jewellery. I think my jewellery posts speak for themselves. I must honestly admit, that I have never been one to wear jewellery. Just a year ago, my mother took me and my sisters into a jewellery shop in Turkey and I just wasn't interested. I ended up buying a really simple gold ring - the cheapest in the store. However, my heart for jewellery is, as of now, a rapid growing plant.

I just stumbled upon pieces by jewellery designer Tamila Purvis (via garance doré). Not only are they statement jewellery, they come with stories.

The words that inspired this beautiful and intriguing collection.

Tamila Purvis pictures from Garance Doré.


  1. Wow what gorgeous pieces!! Beautiful:)

  2. OH they are all to beautiful!!

  3. Ja, de er alle gudeskønne. Og smukke ord.

  4. @ Maki and PROVINS: Gorgeous and beautiful pieces indeed! I definitely wouldn't mind being the owner of every single piece.

    @ Linda: Det er de ihvertfald. Helt enig.

  5. Jeg er helt enig - de er fortryllende, rå og smukke.