July 12, 2010


I met up with my friend Trine for lunch at Paludan Bogcafé. Even though it was hot, we decided to go for two bowls of tomato soup and cheese for dessert. My calendar is completely filled with work related notes, but it is always nice to be able to squeeze in a friend.

A note on the café: I love the idea of a bookshop and café in one place. So it is no shock that I spend a lot of time in the café all year around reading and catching up with friends. Not only is it bookshop and a lovely café with great lattes, and soon they can add gallery to their name! They are currently making room for a gallery as well.


  1. Det ser DÆJLIGT ud. Jeg har faktisk aldrig været derinde - hverken for at lure i bøger eller for at slupre en suppe i mig. Det må jeg have indhentet efter ferien.

  2. @ Ligeia: trust me, it was very very yummy. ;)

    @ Linda: Det skal du bestemt! Jeg tror virkelig at du ville kunne lide Paludan! Der er bare sådan en lækker atmosfære i cafeen. Og om vinteren er cafeen som en stor stue hvor du kan læse til eksamen eller lign.

  3. årh, det ser super lækkert ud! bliver helt sulten nu :D

  4. What a perfect lunch! Your blog is beautiful.

  5. your lunch looks way better than mine... now i'm hungry...

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  7. that looks lovely and the soup looks so yummy

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