July 05, 2010


My calendar is completely booked and completely doodled - I am afraid I might miss my many coffee dates or work because of the many doodles filling the pages. Anyway, the entries are not frequent, but since summer has graced us with its face here in Denmark, I thought I would share some of my summer notes with you.

The home of carpet designer, Malene Barnett by The Selby.

1. It is very healthy to keep your alarm clock in the shadows during summer. Get used to go bed early so that your body can get the 8-9 hours of sleep it needs and let it wake up with the sun. This can be the start of a good day - to feel rested and ready to embrace the day. And to feel rested is to feel healthy.

2. Even though the title says, 'Hello Sadness', this little novella by Francoise Sagan is a perfect read during summer. The novella is about a girl, Cécile, who is leading a jaded life with her father, but one change to their frivolous life makes Cecile think differently, and it has consequences. She seeks comfort in the sea and in the sun, and it is written beautifully. And a little side note, the author wrote this when she was 18!

3. A cd that rests by my laptop is "Fall Down" by CallmeKat. Katrine Ottosen - the lady behind the tunes - has a playful voice, which is conveyed in her cover of Britney's hit "Toxic". Her music is electric, original and alluring. A perfect blend, if you ask me!

4. Go for a run now and then! We all know little about the many things you can avoid by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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