September 19, 2011

the (complex) art of beauty.

I remember Dawson's Creek, never really a fan, always just watching when nothing else was on. I never really got into the storylines, and never really grasped what it was about, but I always found Michelle Williams beautiful. And her beauty has only been magnified.

In my preteen years my TV was my source for everything, for my learning English, for shaping my views on things etc. It didn't shock anybody (teachers, family, friends) when I told a playmate, when I was 8, that I couldn't play with her today over the phone, due to the fact that The Bold and the Beautiful was about to air. I watched The Bold and the Beautiful religiously for a period of time, and albeit the fact that it was weird for an 8-year-old, I was allowed to watch it. And I am glad I was. It wasn't the prototypical show for girls my age, however, it taught me a lot of things about beauty. Ever since, beauty to me has been developing gradually, changing its form and becoming more complex. Beauty can easily be viewed prosaically, we are constantly stimulated by adds with beautiful people, beautiful photoshopped people, advertising for whatever company, and these adds are viewed upon prosaically. Always so literal.

Beauty to me is many things. An item of clothing; the silky chic french blouse in stripes that you must own, a big tree that has been living a long life, people who carries themselves so gracefully, my friends whose style resembles their personalities... I can go on. There are so many beautiful things and people. However, most of the time beauty, to me, is something you experience. It is easy to label things beautiful, but beauty is something that you can experience when you, for instance, buy a beautiful dress. In an instance, "you almost fall in beauty" with said item, but it is not fixed. You can grow to find the dress ugly and not your taste.

This beautiful Hobo Magazine cover featuring cover girl Michelle Williams triggered these thoughts on beauty, so I have to share. I found Michelle Williams beautiful as I watched her on Dawson's Creek, and in an instant I am reminded of the experience of seeing her on TV when I saw this cover. She is still very beautiful.

Please share your notions on beauty.

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  1. She really is so lovely! There was a time I was not attracted to her, and then all of a sudden her beauty hit me... it's a perfect, simple and real beauty that rarely exists these days...

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  2. Michelle Williams looks so gorgeous on the cover, she has such a unique look! x E