September 09, 2011

diamond in the rough.

“I’ve been obsessed with Cecily Brown’s paintings recently,” says jewelry designer Dana Lorenz at Vogue’s sneak preview of her spring collection for Fenton, which she’ll present on Friday. And it was the abstract flourishes of Brown’s painting Night Passage in particular that captivated her imagination and brought to mind the hues and undulating curves of Miami’s Art Deco architecture. “It became about reflecting the colors, geometry and general spirit of South Beach after that,” Lorenz says. [pictures and italics from Vogue]

As I have mentioned before, I find it so refreshing when fashion and art meets. It is as if the designer manages to find the diamonds in the rough in paintings and works by artists, and translates this into fashion. The painting that Dana Lorenz refers to is vibrant in pastel tones. It seems as if Lorenz has used the yellow and orange colour as source of inspiration for her Spring 2012 collection. I definitely think that her jewellery will complement the minimalism and colour block trends that seems to be dominating the runways.

[Night Passage by Cecily Brown. Painting source]


  1. Fine fine smykker! :D

  2. @ Ilanka, gorgeous jewellery, indeed.

    @ Julie, bestemt! Jeg glæder mig til at se hele kollektionen.

    Thank you for commenting. :)